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Sacramento Taiwanese Culture Foundation is a nonprofit organization.

  1. To sponsor cultural activities for promoting the understanding of Taiwanese cultures through cultural activities such as performances, exhibitions, and lectures.

  2. To organize field trips and overseas travels pertaining to the specific learning experiences of Taiwanese cultures.

  3. To award scholarships to Taiwanese American youths who demonstrate a commitment through service to the Taiwanese American and broader communities.

  4. To support through grants those who study and publish materials related to Taiwanese cultures.

  5. To promote Taiwanese language and cultural education through the establishment of a Taiwanese language school, summer camps, overseas studying tours.

  6. To establish a Taiwanese Cultural Resources Center, which strives to collect documents, books, magazine articles, and video tapes. that is pertinent to the study and preservation of Taiwanese cultures.

  7. To solicit support from both local and regional Taiwanese American communities for the sponsoring of cultural events.

Carl M. Lai, Ph. D.